Behavior Issues


Note: This class is not available at the moment. It will be added to our services at a later date. In the meantime, reactivity can be addressed in our Private Session service.

Is your dog fearful of new people? Have they nipped at a stranger or friend? Would you like to increase your confidence handling your dog around other people? Does your dog lunge and growl at other dogs during walks? Are you afraid to walk your dog? Has your dog tried to hurt another dog?

Our Reactive Rover class addresses:

  • Understanding the “how” and “why” of reactivity.
  • How to read and handle your dog on walks.
  • How to read your dog’s body language and cues
  • Keeping your dog calm and focused around people
  • How to introduce your dog to new people
  • How to keep your dog and others safe
  • Skills and strategies for confidently walking past other dogs.

We also offer Reactive Rover 2.0 classes for graduates of Reactive Rover who are muzzle trained. Our Real World Ottawa class includes field trips to practice managing your dog in the real world, including walking with (and past) other dogs and people.

Busy schedule or not ready for a class? No problem! Private Sessions are available.

Private Sessions

We offer individual consultations and packages to address behavior issues like:

  • Kids and dogs interactions
  • Getting along with another dog in your household
  • Barking and growling when people come to the door
  • Resource guarding over food, toys, or other items
  • Snapping or growling over being petted or groomed
  • Fear and anxiety, including separation anxiety

We will work one-on-one to create a customized learning plan that fits into your schedule.

Learn more about Private Sessions.

Safety and Resources

Keeping everyone safe is the first priority when dealing with a behavior issue.  Please use these tips and resources until we can meet and create a personalized plan.

Gates and crates can keep your dog contained and separated from visitors, other pets (especially when feeding), or problem areas like the front door.

Muzzles can allow you and your dog to relax around other people and dogs.  Learn how to condition your dog to a muzzle.