About Us

Precision K9 Training is dedicated to helping you improve the ultimate relationship with your dog. Successful dog training isn’t about control, it’s about mutual trust & respect. Learning to communicate with your dog in his/her own language is key in developing the trust & respect necessary in achieving a well-mannered family pet.

Precision K9 Training will teach you how to be a fair and effective leader. Dogs are pack animals and you become a member of the pack as soon as you bring your dog home. Because every pack must have a leader, you must have the knowledge and skills necessary to become that leader. If you fail to become the leader, your dog will begin to push his/her limits and compete with you for pack leadership status which will result in problem behaviors. A true alpha is NOT dominant or forceful, but fair, balanced & humane – your relationship with your dog will develop into a partnership & your bond will be unbreakable. It’s all about mutual trust & respect!

Trust Precision K9 Training to teach you & your dog mutual trust & respect resulting in effective communication & successful obedience. We offer a variety of training options. When you & your dog are trained using our methods, the potential for behavioral problem development is virtually eliminated!

Remember, the education you provide now is the foundation for your dog’s behavior & personality for his/her lifetime! Learning and understanding your dog’s natural language and abilities is essential in achieving the ultimate relationship, a relationship for a lifetime.

Service. Companionship. Loyalty.