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We are compassionate about having your dog being the best he can be.

About Us

Precision K9 Training is dedicated to helping you improve the ultimate relationship with your dog. Successful dog training isn’t about control, it’s about mutual trust & respect. Learning to communicate with your dog in his own language is key in developing the trust & respect necessary in achieving a well-mannered family pet.

Precision K9 Training will teach you how to be a fair and effective leader. Dogs are pack animals and you become a member of the pack as soon as you bring your dog home. Because every pack must have a leader, you must have the knowledge and skills necessary to become that leader. If you fail to become the leader, your dog will begin to push his limits and compete with you for pack leadership status which will result in problem behaviors. A true alpha is NOT dominant or forceful, but fair, balanced & humane – your relationship with your dog will develop into a partnership & your bond will be unbreakable. It’s all about mutual trust & respect!

Trust Precision K9 Training to teach you & your dog mutual trust & respect resulting in effective communication & successful obedience. We offer a variety of training options. When you & your dog are trained using our methods, the potential for behavioral problem development is virtually eliminated!

Remember, the education you provide now is the foundation for your dog’s behavior & personality for his lifetime! Learning and understanding your dog’s natural language and abilities is essential in achieving the ultimate relationship, a relationship for a lifetime.

Service. Companionship. Loyalty

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Bob Burkhead, Owner/Head Trainer

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We view dog training as a functional skill that can be used to manage your dog, keep them safe, prevent unwanted behaviors, and make spending time with them more enjoyable!

Whether you’re looking for group classes or one-on-one training, chances are we’ve got the perfect package for you and your dog.  So if you’re interested in learning more about our training options, a free consultation is the place to start.


What People Are Saying

We just picked up Vulcan and he’s soooo much calmer and enjoyable to be around. Bob and his staff have been miracle workers! Vulcan was a hyper mess, always jumping on us and just a wild man. He is coming home a wonderful dog.
Thanks again to Precision K9!

-Pam S.

Bob does an excellent job with the dogs and with helping the owners learn how work with their dogs. I am very grateful for all his help. I feel he has gone above and beyond to help Raksha be the best dog she can be.

-Jennifer B.

We just had our first training lesson with Bob. He did a great job working with Bowie and helped us out immensely. I would definitely recommend him to anybody that needs training with their puppy or their dog no matter what age. He could always teach them something new.

-Jamie D.