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Dog trainers can come from many different backgrounds but we all have the same goal, to help people understand and bond with their dogs.

My training experience actually started in 2014 when Kato, the Doberman in the picture came into our lives. I started with basic obedience, house manners and of course potty training. I had spent a lot of hours training Kato on my own and going to several group classes in the meantime, from basic to intermediate all the way through advanced. Kato had earned his CGC and CGCA certificates.

Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to meet and work with other, more experienced trainers. It wasn’t until early in 2016 that a trainer named Valerie, had told me that I had a natural way of training dogs and that I should put my skills to work for other owners who are in need of help. That is when my passion for training started to grow. With the support from my wife LaRae, family, and friends, I started Precision K9 Training. The knowledge and advice that I had received from the trainers, especially Valerie, has been invaluable to me in running my own business.

I have had several jobs through the years but none have been more rewarding than training dogs and owners on how to communicate with each other and watch their bond grow stronger and stronger.

It is a great feeling when you have a client who goes from being frustrated with and even angry at their dog to beaming proudly as they show off all the new skills you helped them teach their canine buddy. Sometimes all it takes is helping to teach their dog to offer an automatic sit to greet people so that he/she doesn’t jump on visitors. Sometimes it is more challenging, such as helping someone teach their dog to be able to rest calmly and quietly when they have guests over, or helping someone to better manage a dog with aggression issues. But, in every case the goal is the same; helping people help their dogs to live a better quality of life filled with much happiness.


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