Structured Pack Walks

Our community pack walks show you how to properly communicate with your dog in a way that he/she understands using various tools, your energy and body language. I want to show families that you do not have to struggle with walking your dog, it can and should be a very calming, relaxing activity and one that, if done right, strengthens the bond between you and your dog. It is NOT a walk for socializing and giving treats for good behavior. It is about empowering the human. This is how walking your dog should look and feel.

All dogs are required to be on a properly fitted prong collar, slip lead, and/or e-collar with a 4-6 foot leash-NO retractable leashes allowed.  (For dogs under 10 lbs please use a micro prong or slip lead).

The walk lasts for approximately one hour and all participants are required to bring their own water and poop bags.

Please Note: When everyone arrives please keep distance from other walkers and dogs initially for respect and safety reasons. No dog should ever meet face to face on leash, everyone should refrain from using high pitched voices and be as calm and low-key as possible. Limit one person per dog.

Meetup location and time will vary, but will all be in the Ottawa, IL area. I also have an event created on Facebook with location and time posted.

Next Pack Walk:

Spring of 2020

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

If you have signed up before, just shoot me an email or text that you are coming!

Cost: FREE!

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  • Do you need to purchase a prong collar from me before the Walk?
  • By attending this event you will take 100% responsibility for your dog’s behavior and you will not hold Bob Burkhead or Precision K9 Training or any of his employees for any harm your dog does to any person or dog. By attending this event you will also grant Bob Burkhead and Precision K9 Training and his employee’s permission to correct your dog for any behavior that is deemed dangerous to another dog, the public or your dog. I hereby assume all risk of personal injury to myself, members of my family, guests who may attend, as well as my dog, while I am attending this pack walk.
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