Here at Precision K9 Training, we offer private one-on-one training for clients and their dogs. In private training, you get Bob’s undivided attention for the full hour. We gather information about your training goals ahead of time and formulate a training plan that works specifically with you, your dog and your busy schedule to help you get results at home. Training is hands-on during the lesson, and at the end of the lesson, we will send you home with homework until we meet again for the next lesson. And, of course, Bob is available throughout the week to answer any questions you might have.

Private lesson training is available for dogs of all ages and breeds for puppy training, basic to advanced off leash obedience and mild rehabilitation training for behavior issues.

Private Lesson Services and Rates:

Puppy & Obedience Training

4 – 1 hour lessons: $280

6 – 1 hour lessons: $370

8 – 1 hour lessons: $450

Behavior Rehabilitation Training*

5 – 1 hour lessons: $675**

10 – 1 hour lessons: $1075**

*For dogs with mild behavior issues; not for human and/or severe dog aggressive dogs

**Prong collar and e-collar (mini educator), included in package price

Pay-As-You-Go Lessons

New Clients: 1 hour – $80

Graduates: 1 hour – $70

Travel Fee

per mile round-trip – $1

Note: Training supplies are not included in the cost of private lesson training, unless stated otherwise. If suggested or recommended, you will have the option of purchasing them through us or through separate online retailers.

*Human aggressive and/or severe dog aggressive dogs are Board & Train only, please contact us to discuss severity.

Private lessons fix problems such as:

Leash reactivity

Separation anxiety

Pulling on the leash

Ignoring you around distractions

Nipping and biting

Destructive chewing

Excessive barking

Crate anxiety

Resource guarding (food, toys etc)

Bolting out the door

Private lessons teach behaviors such as:

Sit and stay

Lay down and stay

Come when called

Place (a client favorite!)

Loose leash heel

Leave it/impulse control

Crate manners

Treadmill training

Manners around people and dogs

E-collar training for off leash control