Private sessions are for owners looking to work on or teach specific behaviors, or are not ready, or comfortable being in a group setting. Owners are able to learn alongside their dog, and be a part of the transformation process as we coach and educate you through the sessions. In between the sessions owners are responsible for working on what was covered so that we can continue to advance with each training session.

Private sessions are great for basic to advanced obedience, and can help address behaviors such as: Leash Pulling, Puppy Behavior, Nervousness, Reactivity, Jumping, Nipping, Flight Risks, human aggression, dog aggression, and much more.

Note: If you are looking for basic obedience, good manners, socialization, etc., and do not have a specific behavioral issue to work on, we encourage you to take a look at our Group Obedience Training.

Private Session Training

Training tools are not included. Tools needed will be discussed during your initial consultation, and then added to the final cost.

Facility Sessions – $100

1 Hour

In private sessions, we can address your dog’s behavioral issues hands-on with the owner during these one-hour sessions. You will come to our facility, typically once per week and our trainers will lead by examples and walk you through the steps on training your own dog.

This program is difficult because you must have a lot of discipline and self control. If you want it to be successful you must provide an in-home boot camp for many weeks until your one-on-one sessions are complete.

Many people want to push their dog too fast, straying away from trainer recommendations, and they end up taking steps in the wrong direction with their dog.

We typically recommend that One on One’s are scheduled weekly with your assigned trainer.

Private sessions start at our training facility and may branch out to other public locations at the discretion of the trainer.

There is no additional charge to train multiple dogs with one training package.

The number of sessions recommended (minimum two) by our trainers will be determined during your initial phone or in-person private consultation.