Class Description

Need a fun, enriching way to bond with your pup? K9 Nose Work is the answer! This activity and sport bring out the best in working detection dogs – and any dog for that matter. Not only will you create an unforgettable connection with your companions, but they’ll also benefit from increased confidence as well as mental & physical exercise.

With K9 Nose Work, you can help your dog unleash their inner tracker! It starts with the box game—just use tasty treats and favorite toys to get them started. As they progress, the search area increases from boxes to rooms, outdoor areas, even vehicles. Plus, there’s an intriguing twist…you’ll introduce essential oils as unique target scents for your dog to track down!

There are no requirements to begin K9 Nose Work— dogs of any age with no obedience experience can start training. Within the group class structure, dogs will begin in a group setting then you and your dog will work individually (dogs rest in their crate or car between runs) so dogs with fears are welcome.

This class provides the building blocks for good companions as well as competition, oriented basics.

Note: This class is non-competitive, but there will be rewards for the best times achieved.

K9 Nose Work class is taught with positive, motivational methods. It is intended to be fun for both the dog and the owner.



Age Requirements


Class Duration

Six sessions, each session is 60 minutes in duration

Class Size

6 Dogs


Precision K9 Training
411 W Main St
Ottawa, IL 61350

What to Bring

Your dog’s favorite toy
Your dog’s favorite food reward
At least a 6 foot leash



    K9 Nosework class is held on the following day:

    • Monday 7:00 – 8:00 pm | Madilyn
      Starting Date:
      4/29/2024 – 2 spots available

    Class Rules, Preparation, and Policy