Our Day Training program is an extension to our Private Session Training program, and provides socialization in a controlled environment. Day Training is offered to established clients to work on the following skills:

  • Proofing general obedience
  • Introducing e-collar during the course of a private session package
  • Introducing crate training strategies
  • Refreshing obedience skills
  • Refreshing leash manners/leash reactivity strategies

During our socialization time, your dog will be introduced to our small group of Canine Enrichment dogs in a very controlled setting with the guidance of a trainer who will ensure your dog is given adequate space (something you cannot get at the dog park!). Our Canine Enrichment dogs are comprised of well-balanced dogs that are comfortable in a group setting. Having access to this caliber of dogs ensures balanced behaviors among the pack which helps to teach your dog appropriate play behaviors and stress coping mechanisms. Socialization can be used to help understand your dog’s behavior with other dogs, and when scheduled consistently, it can help your dog learn how to more comfortably exist in the presence of other dogs.

Day training is a convenient way to augment your training program as it allows you to drop your dog off at our facility while we perform training during the day. Our trainers will email you a detailed report and if the trainer is available, we will review the results with you at pick-up. We offer this program Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Morning drop-off is at 9:00am, and afternoon pick-up is at 1:00pm.

Your Dog’s Sessions

Your dog will work with a trainer for a predetermined number of sessions (1-2, 30 minute sessions per day). When your dog is not working with his trainer, he will be resting in one of our comfortable kennels and will be given bathroom and water breaks.

Pricing Structure Per Day

Clients who have previously completed a training program at our facility

$50 for a single session in a day

$80 for two sessions in a day

Each session is roughly 30 minutes.


We must have your dog’s current vaccine information and liability forms filled out and signed prior to scheduling a training day.