Our most reliable program for lasting behavior change

Board and Train programs typically last 2-4 weeks, with your dog staying with an assigned trainer Monday-Friday, with a go-home lesson at the end of each week. The duration will be determined during your initial consultation/assessment.

Plan on booking well in advance!!

Board and Train Programs Include:

  • Daily exercise and enrichment, with regular potty breaks
  • A minimum of three 30-40 minute training sessions every day
  • All rates include daily boarding fees, daycare fees, one-on-one training fees for midway, go-home, and follow-up sessions
  • Unlimited lifetime support via email or phone after the conclusion of the program

Why Choose a Board and Train?

Time. Many owners simply don’t have the time it takes to do their dog’s training themselves. Board and Train programs allow us to do the heavy lifting, getting your dog through the challenges of getting started, and getting in a lot of repetition that can be time-consuming and tedious for owners.

Quality. Let’s face it – you’re not a dog trainer. And that’s okay. After all, that’s why we’re here! Especially when dealing with behavioral issues, where mistakes can be costly, it’s often best to let the professionals lead the training process and guide you through the process of maintaining the work we jump-start.

Efficiency. With multiple hours of training, every day, for multiple weeks, a Board and Train is our most immersive option to make significant progress within short periods of time.

Consistency. Board and Train programs allow us to maintain a controlled environment in which we can observe, guide, and reinforce every single choice your dog makes during their time with us. We can achieve a level of consistency that is nearly impossible to achieve by any other means.

Customization. Having your dog with us for multiple weeks gives us the opportunity to get to know your dog on a deeper level than any other program. This enables us to develop individualized strategies and exercises for your specific dog.

Program Options

The following programs are designed only as a jump start, to get started on basic on-leash obedience or to be supplemented with classes or lessons to meet your goals.

Monday thru Friday

2 Weeks: $1280

10 days of training • 2 go home lessons • No follow-up lessons

3 Weeks: $1870

15 days of training • 3 go home lessons • 1 follow-up lesson at training facility

The following program is the most commonly recommended. It is often the ideal length for establishing reliable on and off leash obedience training with your dog, or for addressing mild to moderate behavioral issues such as reactivity.

Monday thru Friday

4 Weeks: $2460

20 days of training • 4 go home lessons • 1 follow-up lesson at training facility

Payment Information:

Deposit: Board and Train programs book in advance, and require a $100 non-refundable deposit, which will be required at time of booking. Full payment is due when you drop your dog off for the first day of his or her program. If you need to make payments for your program, you can book your program further in advance, and add payments to your deposit, leading up to the start of your program, at which time the full amount is due.

Board and Train Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your Board and Train program for any reason, your deposit is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your Board and Train program, it must be rescheduled with at least a week’s advance notice. Programs rescheduled within a week of your scheduled start date will result in your deposit becoming non-transferable to the rescheduled program. Some exceptions may apply for emergencies or extenuating circumstances.

Training Tools: Board and Train programs above do not include training tools. Each dog is different, and we will not have a definite answer to which tools will work best for your dog until we start working with him. Examples of training tools we may choose to use include, but not limited to: slip lead, prong collar, head halter, muzzle, e-collar. If your goals include off leash reliable obedience, we will require a high quality e-collar,  so please budget about $200-$300 for training tools. If you have any questions about tools that we typically recommend for your training goals, please contact us!

Note: A separate invoice, due upon receipt, will be sent after determining what training tools will be utilized. 

Ready to get started?

The first step in our training process is setting up a consultation/assessment. This gives us a chance to meet you, evaluate your dog’s behavior, and come up with a training plan customized for your timeline, and goals. Consultations/assessments can be done virtually or in-person and are required for all in-person training for dogs four months of age and older.

Cost – $100 (non-refundable)

Note: If a board and train package is booked at the time of your consultation/assessment, the $100 consultation/assessment fee will be used for the deposit.

Contact us today to get started with your dog’s training!