Board and Train is the most cost effective and transformational training that I offer. It is ideal for dogs of all ages beginning at 4-6 months old.

Our Board and Train Programs are our most popular option, because it allows us to get the dogs to a better place in training, prior to coaching and educating owners on how to maintain the progress. Having dogs stay with us for three, six or eight weeks gives us the proper amount of time to teach better behaviors and practice them consistently so they start to become habits. Regardless of what behaviors are looking to be worked on, we start all dogs off with a solid foundation and clear communication, once that is established, we are in a position to start advancing and working on the behaviors we want to teach dogs to overcome, and to start making better decisions in the areas they may have previously struggled in. With the fundamentals in place prior to advancing the training, it allows the dogs to have a fair chance at making correct choices, where they may have instinctually chose otherwise in the past, and to practice being successful in those areas or understanding and willingly take direction from us when they feel uncomfortable, and enjoy doing so in the process.


  • A 90 day instructional document to keep you on the path of success after the program is completed
  • A 30 minute drop off session on the first day of the program to go over all concerns and/or questions that you may still have
  • A 2-4 hour go home session on the last day of the program to learn how to maintain the progress your dog has made
  • 1 in home session about 2-4 weeks after the program is completed to help you with anything you may still be struggling with
  • A new leash, place cot, training collar, and a mini educator e-collar with belt clip (if applicable)

*In home sessions that are 40 miles or more from our training center will be substituted with a Skype Session.

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Board & Train for Puppies – 1 Week (On-Leash)

Note: We are currently only offering the puppy board and train program for those clients who also sign up for the two week refresher/e-collar training.

This unique board and train experience is ideal for puppies between 4 to 6 months of age.

You get all the things that make Precision K9 Training the best – 24/7 training, which includes a lifestyle of structure, routine socialization, and supervised play. By living at our home for one week, your puppy will develop a new foundation and state-of-mind that will make it easy for you to continue training at your home. This will empower you to continue developing a new and incredible relationship with your dog as he/she grows up.

At the end of one week you can expect your puppy to be well on his/her way to being an excellent companion. Here are some of the things your puppy will be able to do after a week with Bob:

  • Walk politely with you (On-Leash)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Waiting at Thresholds
  • Place Command
  • Basic Crate Training
  • Waiting for Food
  • Potty Training

Basic, age-appropriate, behavior problems are also included in this package (if they are persistent, a longer board and train may be needed to solve them*):

  • Jumping, Nipping, Mouthing
  • Excessive Barking
  • Counter-Surfing
  • Leash Biting/Chewing

As with all Precision K9 Training Board and Train packages, you can expect a lasting relationship between you, your dog, and Bob for a lifetime of success.

Cost: $700*

*$450 for additional weeks at owner’s request

Board & Train – 3 Weeks

​This program is geared more toward dogs who have what we call “knucklehead” behavior, but not severe behavioral. *In some cases if we believe more time is necessary we may suggest an extra week.

Cost: $1900*

*$450 for additional weeks

Board & Train – 6 Weeks

Our six week program is our most popular option because this length of time allows us to work dogs through their behavioral problems without pushing them too soon before they are ready for the challenge. We want to make sure that all dogs have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals prior to addressing unwanted behaviors.

Cost: $3200*

*$450 for additional weeks

Board & Train – 8 Weeks

This program is what we would suggest for everyone, but we all know that leaving your dog for 8 weeks can be difficult. The more time we have to really hone in on a dog’s training the better habits they will form. Eight weeks is for all dogs from puppies to older dogs and with any behavioral issue.

Cost: $4000*

*$450 for additional weeks

Board & Train Refresher/E-Collar – 2 Weeks

The refresher/e-collar board and train program helps dogs get back into the tip top training shape they were in during the initial board and train or for dogs who have completed the puppy board and train program, and are continuing with e-collar training.

We all understand that in life, obstacles are thrown at us and it is easy to get side tracked. Sometimes when this happens, training takes a back seat. Since the foundation work is already in place from the first board and train, a refresher course will help you and your dog get right back on track!

Note: This program is only available to clients who have completed one of our board and train programs in the past or have signed up for e-collar training at the time they enrolled their dog into our one week puppy board and train program.

Cost for E-Collar Training: $950*

Cost for Refresher Training: $750*

*$350 for additional weeks

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