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Precision K9 Training Board and Train!

If you are receiving this link, you have secured a date and time with a $200 deposit, and are confirmed for a Board and Train at Precision K9 Training. 🙂 We are so excited to work with you!

Please read this page in its entirety before your session!

You should have received an email and/or text with your starting date and time. Please let us know if that date/time does not work for you for any reason and we will work it out!

Below is your official instructions for the entire Board and Train process.
Please do not skim any of this!! It is very important that you read everything and are aware of the different steps in the process, including when to submit important materials, your responsibilities during the board and train, and what all of the sessions will look like.

Before the Board and Train


Your payment is fully refundable until 2 weeks prior to your board and train – after that, the $200 deposit is non-refundable.


If possible, please take any video of the issues you are struggling with. It is imperative we see the triggers in your environment – please let me know if you are having trouble getting footage and we will work something out on our end.

You can either email it to us, or bring them on a hard drive/flash drive.


Two days before your drop off, please cut your dog’s food rations in half, and then do not feed the morning of the drop off. This is simply to create some food drive for the first couple days of training – your dog will absolutely be eating normally when they are with us, we just use this for the beginning stages of creating relationship. If you have any concerns with this at all, please let me know.


IF YOU HAVE A HUMAN OR DOG AGGRESSIVE DOG, you must purchase a muzzle at least two weeks prior to the board and train, and muzzle condition your dog using the video below.

If you are not sure if your dog falls into the category of necessary muzzle conditioning, please email us to ask!

The muzzles we prefer are either Baskerville or Jafco muzzles – please see the links below to choose, size, and order the correct muzzle.

Baskerville Muzzle
Jafco Muzzle
Muzzle Conditioning Video

Please know that failure to muzzle condition your dog, if needed, for any reason (schedule, safety of yourself or others, lack of resources) may result in more time needed for the board and train. Please let me know if you have any questions!

The Drop Off:

At your scheduled day/time, you will meet Bob at our drop off location, located at:

839 Heritage Ln
Ottawa, IL 61350

Please wait outside until your scheduled appointment time and we will come out to get you! We do training sessions right up until your scheduled time, so it is important that you do not bring your dog in before we are ready for you.

The drop-off will be 30 minutes – when you come inside the house, it is very important that you keep your dog on-leash unless we ask otherwise.

What to Bring:

All we will need is enough food for the time your dog is with us, a leash, and your dog, of course 🙂 No bedding/toys/treats/bones please. Also if you do not send the most recent vaccination records digitally in the form below, please bring with you at the drop-off.

Please note: ALL DOGS coming in must be wearing a well-fitting collar with legible tags/licensing!

During the Board and Train:

During your dog’s stay, we will be updating Facebook with a picture or video with his/her progress, time permitting.

As for email/phone updates from us, no news is good news 🙂 You are more than welcome to send us an email checking in, but please know that we will let you know if there is anything significant that you need to know about. You have trusted us so far in the process, and it is important that you continue that trust throughout the program!

We at Precision K9 Training work under a tight teamwork mentality – we promise to keep you informed of any and every necessary bit of information about your dog that we feel you need during the process. Other than that, rest easy during the board and train that things are going smoothly!


Below is the link to all homework and information for your dog’s training, details about the go-home session, as well as an E-collar guide with all of the technical aspects of the E-Collar (if you purchased an Educator E-Collar with us).

Everyone who will be at the sessions MUST become very familiar with all of the homework before we see you at the go-home session. Please do not cheat yourself out of having the most effective and detailed session with us as possible. There is so much to cover, so by having a good grasp on this homework, you will get much more out of the time we spend with you.

-Homework with video links, e-collar guide/video, etc… (I WILL BUILD THIS, IT MAY NOT BE DONE BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED BOARD AND TRAIN DATE)

Go-Home Session (Pick-Up), Follow-Up Session, and Midway Session(s):

In a typical 2 week board and train, there are two sessions included. We do the first 90 minute go-home session on day 14, when your dog will go home with you.

After your dog goes home, you have one follow-up session built into the program, which we can use whenever you want – we will strategize all together to find the right time.

If your dog is scheduled to be with us for more than 2 weeks, and we feel it is necessary, we may have one or two midway sessions before the go-home session.

At your scheduled day/time for your go home session (pick-up), you will meet Bob at our training facility, located at:

303 E McKinley Rd
Ottawa, IL 61350

Contract/Information Form:

Please fill out the contract/information form as much as you can, electronically sign the contract, and submit it to us!

We realize that much of this you have spoken to us about already, but we just like it all in one place!

If you have any questions about any of this, do not hesitate to send us an email for any clarification 🙂

Thank you for choosing Precision K9 Training.