Board and Train: Preparation – Intake Form

What to bring, and what not to bring:

Food: Have food pre-measured in plastic ziploc bags and labeled, example: M for morning, N for night. Pack an extra couple of days worth in case your dog may need more. Please do not bring his big food bin or dog food bags.

Training treats: You can bring your dog’s favorite training treats and/or his favorite snack.

Leash: Bring a 4′ or 6′ training leash. Please do not bring your dog in on a retractable leash.

Collar: Bring whatever collar or harness you use at the present time. We will determine what training equipment your dog will need early on in the program. Rabies tag should be on collar.

Toys: You can bring 1 or 2 of your dog’s favorite toys.

Bedding: Do not bring any bedding or blankets, most times than not, they will be torn apart.

Vaccination records: If you are unable to upload your dog’s proof of vaccinations, please bring a copy at drop off.

Drop-off Time and Location: Bob will contact you on coordinating a drop-off time and location after receiving this intake form.

Contact Information:
Bob Burkhead
839 Heritage Ln
Ottawa IL 61350
(815) 640-0126