Class Description

6-Week Class

Ready to take your dog’s obedience to a new level? Our 6-week Advanced Obedience course focuses on building solid responses from your dog even when you’re not holding the leash! Working at a distance from your dog and using distractions commonly found when in public helps to build your dog’s self control and responsiveness to both visual and spoken commands. Class is taught on and off-leash. With different training locations each week (weather permitting), this will help generalize and proof your dog’s obedience.


Advanced Obedience drop-in’s are a fun, affordable and convenient way to maintain and polish what you’ve learned so far as well as move on to advanced off-leash obedience. In our drop-in advanced class you can show up whenever you want…every week, once a month…whatever you want. Obviously you will advance faster by coming regularly but people love the flexibility!

Whether you are looking to keep your dog “tuned up” by coming out once a month or looking to turn your dog into a “Rock Star” by coming out every week, the Advanced practice sessions are here to accommodate your schedule.


Minimum of Basic Obedience or equivalent program

Age Requirements

6 months of age and older

Class Duration

Each session is 60 minutes in duration

Class Size

8 Dogs




Drop-in: $25 per session or purchase a package of 8 for $160 (package good for one year)

6-Week Class: $150

Advanced Obedience class is held on the following days:

  • Thursday 6:30 – 7:30 pm | Madilyn (6-Week Class)
    Starting Date:

  • Tuesday | Amanda (Drop-in)
  • Saturday | Madilyn (Drop-in)
    (Start times will change with the seasons for drop-in classes)

Class Rules and Preparation


(Current clients that have appointments remaining on their 10 pack)

(For clients who have purchased the 8 pack)